Japan Day 1

Day 1 (really day 1 and 2 with how long the flight was and traveling forward in time but it was really just day 1) consisted mainly of traveing as you would probably guess.

Our flight was very long. We had one stop. It was a hop and then a leap. I’m pretty sure I watched 4 movies? This helped because I am not a great flyer, Japan was worth it though.

We did get hot while flying. My cousin ended up sitting on the floor at one point because of the heat. Apparently it was cooler down there? We had to get up a lot too. Tip: make sure that you get compression socks for long flights. My feet were HUGE even with all of the walking.

The guy that sat next to us (in the isle seat) fell asleep and didn’t wake up the whole trip… lucky him.

The food was pretty good too. They give you a lot of food with your meals for long flights I guess.

By the end of our traveling day we ended up making it to Tokyo-Narita International Airport. From there we had to meet Austin at Osaka Station. The train ride was 2 hours and 30 minutes. I slept the whole train ride. We didn’t even get to be excited that we were on the bullet train. I’m surprised that we got to our Hostel that night to be honest. When we got to Osaka station, that is when we realized that Austin was at a different train station trying to meet us there. So we had to walk to our hostel and meet him there. It didn’t take him much longer to get there before brother and sister were reunited once more.

I’ll use this time to talk about our hostel. It honestly wasn’t that bad. I was nervous about it, naturally, but the owners spoke english and were pretty welcoming. It was three stories but only 3 rooms I think. We stayed on the second floor where the showers and bathroom was so that was nice. Our room had 2 bunkbeds in it. That was all. There was nothing else. Nothing else could have fit.

We went out to have our first meal in Japan and then came back to the hostel to crash.

Pretty good ending to our long day.

Stay tuned to hear more about our adventures!


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