The Trip That Fell Into My Lap

In my first post I mentioned an adventure that just fell into my lap. Before I get into the details about the actual adventure, let me tell you the story that led up to it:

I was 24 and I had never gone anywhere. Well that’s not true, I had just taken a little trip to Colorado. WOW. It was a pretty big trip because it was my first to go on my own but this isn’t the adventure that I want to start with. Maybe I will talk about that one later on but for now we will skip it.


I was 24 and had never truly gone anywhere. My cousin (Austin) as about to be accepted to teach english in Japan. I was sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother and my other cousin (Taylor) when a crazy idea came about. We wanted to visit Austin in Japan during winter break. So we looked at flights and bought tickets! Just like that. It was a rush to just jump into such a big trip. 10 days of Japan! Austin hadn’t even been accepted yet… We knew he would be though.

We did not have the money for this trip, our grandmother helped us a lot. She paid for the tickets using her miles and taking the rest out of her pocket. We spent the time before our trip paying her off. We were very lucky to have our grandmother help us with this once in a lifetime trip.

Now that we had plane tickets, we just needed things to do while we were there. I’ll leave our agenda a surprise. The next few posts will be about each day/adventure.



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