Japan Day 2

Day 2 a nice first taste of Japan. We got in some culture and also a little bit of home so to speak.

Before I talk about all the amazing things that we did and saw, let me first talk about how we got around. We were going to be traveling for 10 days so we knew that we needed a cheaper way to travel. Using the trains was the easist way to get from place to place and if we got a JR Pass then it was cheaper too. They had a pass for 7 days and a pass for 14 days so we went with 7 days. It saved us a lot of money. Because we were doing things in Osaka at first, we decided that it wouldn’t be useful to buy our pass yet so we held off. We got our JR Pass on day 3 because our last leg of the trip was going to be all in Tokyo so we wouldn’t really need it there.

Seeing as we were in Osaka, we went to see Osaka Castle which was beautiful. I have to say, it was a bit of a dream walking around Osaka. Felt like a different world. The castle has been turned into a museum so we walked around it looking at all the history of the castle that we were in. We also got to dress up as Samurai so that was pretty cool. There was also a fun little shop that had places to throw throwing stars. Very much a place for tourists but we didn’t care!

After our castle visit, we headed to USJ! Universal Studios of Japan! My cousins and I are all pretty into Harry Potter and this was our chance to see Japans Wizarding World. It was smaller but pretty much the same. There was a great picture perfect view of Hogwarts.

After USJ we went to Austins favorite place to eat. Hawaiian pancakes. It sounds weird as a favorite place to eat but it was SO GOOD!

Austin went back to his house that night because he had work in the morning. Taylor and I stayed one more night at the hostel.

Lost stuff happened on day 3 so stay tuned.


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