Japan Day 3

I’m having a hard time starting this post.

It was a very… VERY busy day.

We had a tour scheduled that we almost missed! We took our first train that wasn’t in english and it was without Austin. We ended up making it to the meeting place for our tour. Our tour was of Kyoto. Beautiful! Everything we saw in Japan was pretty beautiful honestly.

Okay, let’s get started with the tour. I’m going to put in a link for more details of what we did but I will add some of my pictures and thoughts on here. Our tour guild was pretty fun, I don’t remember his name but I’ll put a pisture on here so that you know what he looks like. He was a little hard to understand but we managed. We were more just excited and happy to be there to really care what that he was hard to understand.

Our tour started with the Nijo Castle. We were given a tour of the inside but we were not allowed to take pictures. I did not break this rule… but others did so I’m sure there are photos online for you to look at. Each room was set up with different scenes. It was very beautiful (I’m going to say that a lot). Before getting to walk through the castle, we had to change out our shoes. They gave us slippers to wear as to not harm the floors. We were also given an interesting story about how the floorboards creaked. The creak was done on purpose. I thought that was really interesting. They did that so that no one could sneak in!

The next stop on our tour was the Golden Pavilion. It was so beautful! There was a lot of culture to see here. There were also a lot of people there. Apparently it is tourist spot. That’s okay though because we are tourists. It was hard to get a good picture of the pavilion but I eventually got a pretty good one. If you go on this tour or any tour that takes you to see the Golden Pavilion, make sure that you stick with our guide. It was easy to get lost… that might have just been us… There was a lot of walking and several things that we wanted to take pictures of so we stopped a lot. We got behind our tour and ended up getting lost. We just walked around until we finally found our bus again. We were a little worried that we were going to get forgotten. Our tour guide we super sweet and just as worried about us as we were so he was running around looking for us. We found each other! It was still good stop.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think we saw the Imperial Palace because it was closed but we did go to another shrine. I have been looking and looking at my pictures and looking online and all of this because I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t take a picture of the Imperial Palace! While looking online it says that it is closed on Mondays and this tour that we took was on a Monday so it was probably closed! I can’t believe that I went this long thinking that I went to the Palace. I did go to the one in Tokyo but that was on another day… Anyway, our tour guide took us to Kitano-Tenmangu which is a shrine for luck on studying? I believe. There is a bull that sits outside the shrine that you are supposed to rub the head of to give you the good luck. Even though we aren’t students anymore, we still rubbed the bulls head. We want all the luck we can get. If you are only in Kyoto for a little bit of time, I recommend this tour.

After the tour we were on our own. We had a few more things in Kyoto that we wanted to see so we started walking. The first place that we went was the Geisha District. Unfortunatily, we went during the middle of the day. I guess it get more exciting at night because nothing was going on. From there we went to a travelers shrine that Austin wanted us to visit. Last we went to the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. To walk the whole thing would have taken about 2 hours. We did not have time to walk the whole thing so we went about half way and then walked back.

It was time for us to go see Austin in Iwade!

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