Japan Day 4

Good morning fellow adventurers!

Day 4 let’s see what did we do on this wonderful new day in Japan?

We started off in Austins apartment. Let me paint you a picture of what it looks like. It is small but it is only for one person so I guess it’s actually perfect. You walk straight into the kitchen. There is a place for you to put your shoes because you DO NOT wear shoes inside houses. Behind the open house door is the door to the toilet. Yes, you read that right, the toliet is in the kitchen. It is in the same room as the waterheater… Very very small pocket for peeing. Across from the front door is a sliding door that leads you to the livingroom. For the purpose of our trip, Austin had turned the livingroom into one giant bed for us to sleep in. His room was off the livingroom and on his patio was where he drys his clothes. Another weird thing about his apartment was that the shower is directly off the livingroom. What I mean is that you open the door from the livingroom and then close it and turnt he water on… there is no tub to stand in. There is a tub but it is very high. The first time I showered there, I did get in the tub but I had to like crawl over the edge… felt weird. Turns out you don’t do that.

Today was a lazy day. Jetlag caught up to us. We slept in for a long time. After we woke up and showered, we were hungry for lunch so we walked to a convenience store to get chicken on a stick. It was so good! While we were walking there, school had just gotten out and there were little children walking around. They watched us until we were out of sight. It was so cute, they were shouting “How are you?” over and over. Once we were farther away they kept telling us goodbye. CUTE!

When we got back to Austins he was there. We took him shopping for food at the local store. The self checkouts were themed by animal and whenever you scanned an object it made the sound that the animal would make. It was funny at first but then it got really annoying.

In the shopping center there was aaaa…… McDonalds! So that’s what we had for dinner while we watched Netflix and played Phase 10. We needed some family time to just hang out and be together. This is something we do for almost every holiday. One time we played Phase 20. We created 10 more phases. It took us hours to get a winner. We will never do that again but I will never forget that New Years.

That was day 4! Pretty uneventful but very much needed for us.

I will probably post another day of adventures right now because this one was more about family. Tune in!


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