Japan Day 5

Oh man this was such an exciting day. We had nothing really planned just wanted to go to Nara. We knew that there were bowing deer there but we didn’t know much else.

So we took the train to Nara which is a beautiful town. It was 2 and a half hours but it was worth it. After getting breakfast, we headed straight for the bowing deer. TIP: In Japan it is considered rude to eat and walk at the same time. This seems weird but the opportunity came up several times. As we walked we passed by tons of cute shops. It is such a fun little town. We accidentally passed by Kofukuji Temple. We didn’t know what it was until affter we had gotten a chance to look it up.

We finally made it to the bowing deer. Here is the low-down on the deer. Be prepared to walk away with bruises on your legs. First you go to the cookie stand and buy a package of cookies, there are deer there waiting right away. I would walk farther into the park before opening your cookies. We bought a lot of cookies. It was so much fun but also painful! We learned as we went on what to do. If you raise the cookie up they will bow down for you. It was cute. We didn’t want to leave but we only had a couple of hours before we needed to go back to Austins house.

As we walked back to the train station we allowed ourselves to do some shopping. While walking we came across a fun little… owl cafe! We had just enough time to stop in a have some tea. There were a lot of owls. We were a little nurvous because they are nockturnal but we were told that if they are sleeping, we are not allowed to touch them. It was also very quiet. We were able to hold one owl and take pictures with Hedwig! It was a pretty cool find.

We headed back to hang out with Austin but I can’t remember what we did for dinner that night. We must have been pretty tired, I’m sure Austin made us dinner.

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