Japan Day 6

Good morning!

This weekend is going to be busy for me so I will probably not write again until Monday.

Today’s adventure was a little creepy, if that’s okay to say. Where we went was beautiful but the whole time that we were there, I felt like we were in the wrong place. Let me start at the beginning of the day.

We woke up to it being freezing cold. It has been cold the whole time that we were there but I guess it caught up to us by now. We grabbed some hot chocolate from a VENDING machine. Yes, it came out hot. This place blows my mind away.

Anyway, we took the train and then a bus to Mount Koya. I’m not gonna lie, I got a little car sick on the bus going all the way up there. There was also a cute little town that we passed by but we didn’t really have time to walk around because it took so long to get there. We went to Mount Koya to visit one of the most sacred places in Japan, Okunoin Temple. Surrounding the temple is the largest cemetery in Japan. It is very beautiful and full of culture. It is said to house the founder of Buddhism. It was very quiet while we were there.

After visiting the temple we went left the cemetery and went to find a place to eat. This little town is interesting. There are people here who have never left. They are born, go to school, work, and have their own family without ever leaving this mountian. That blew my mind. We were able to find a place to eat, still very quiet. We walked around alittle and we found something to bring back to Austin. This is called Omiyage. Normally it is custom to bring back to your place of business a little treat for your coworkers when you are traveling outside of your general area. We had just learned this so we wanted to do that for Austin.

We took the long trip back home after that and then Austin took us to meet some of his new friends at his favorite waffle place. Austin is a HUGE fan of waffles. If there is something I didn’t think I would be eating while in Japan, it was waffles/pancakes. At this point I had eaten them twice. It was a long walk but the food was great.

Tomorrow we have one more stop and then off to Tokyo.

Stay tuned!


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