Japan Day 7

Today was a pretty short day because most of the day was a long train ride to Tokyo.

We slept in a walked to a place called Favorite Coffee. We weren’t planning on going there but we wanted a good breakfast and they had it! The only probablem was that they weren’t a breakfast place. They opened for brunch. So we had to sit around a wait for it to open. It also wasn’t a place that gets a lot of tourists. Their whole menu was in Japanese. This was our first time using Google Translate. It worked pretty well!

We also fingured that we might as well go see Wakayama Castle seeing as we were close to it. Plus we still had a few hours before Austin got off work. It was very nice and long. The design was very nice and you got a great view of the city from the top of it.

We got back just in time to meet Austin. We we able to take the Shinkansen to Tokyo which is always fun! It was so fast. Even with it being so fast it still took a few hours to get there so we played cards.

When we arrived in Tokyo, we went straight to our hotel which was called Hotel N.U.T.s… Yes… I’m not joking. All laughs aside, it was actually ver nice! Funny story though: When we arrived we were told where to go to get to our room. We tried to do what she said but we were confused because you had to exit the hotel and go around the corner and then up stairs and then an elevator? Before we did something wrong, we went back for help. She ended up taking us there and showing us where to go. We walked into our hotel and preceded to get yelled at because we forgot to take our shoes off! She was very upset. On an upside, there was Netflix and heated toilet seats! America has it wrong.

It had been a very long day of traveling so we ended up going to bed early so that we would be well rested for tomorrows activities.

Look for another post today!


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