Japan Day 8

I am back from my trip!

I didn’t know that it was going to take this long for me to get back into the groove of writing but I’m ready now! On to day 8 in Japan:

Last I wrote we had made it to Hotel N.U.T.S. Today is Saturday and it is going to be a big day!

We woke up and went straight to Tokyo’s Imperial Palace to see the Emperor. It just happened to be his birthday. He only comes out twice a year and this is one of those days. We were lucky not to miss it! Not only was it his birthday but it was also his last speech as Emperor. The line was understandably very long but seeing the Imperial Palace and the Emperor was worth it. We also got flags!

After we walked around Tokyo. We enjoyed some shopping and lunch.

That afternoon, we went to the Robot Resturant. It was so much fun! Just a heads up, it isn’t really a resturant. It’s more of a show with some snacks. We did get several drinks though. Before the show starts, you wait in a lounge where there is a bar and someone singing with a “robot” band. She sang a lot of American songs. I wish she would have sang more Japanese songs. I am not a drinker but that night I was. It was a little silly because I was with my little cousin who also drank a lot. I’ll save y’all the drunk stories. I’m not 100% sure what the show was about (I was drunk before it even started) but it was very loud and bright. They played a lot of music and there were a few robots. Not as much as I was expecting and not as advanced as I was thinking but it was still a great time.

The night was pretty awesome! We onty have one more full day in Japan and it was another activity that I had been looking forward to.

Keep reading to see what it is!


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