Japan Day 9

Well hello again! Wow, two posts in two days I’m on a roll.

We are nearing the end of our Japan trip which means that I will have to find somewhere else to go… WAIT! I have other trips to talk about. Bet you didn’t see that coming. I’m sure you could care less about my fun and would rather me get into the good stuff of what happened on our last full day in wonderful Japan. Well keep reading cause here I go:

There was only really one big thing that we did on that day and it was go to the Snow Monkey Park in Jigokudani. If you are planning a trip to Japan, I recomend that you stop by here. I say stop by as if it will only take a few minutes to an hour. It’s more of a plan-your-whole-day-around-this kind of thing. Not only did it take hours for us to get to the park but it took at least 30 minutes, if not more, to get to the monkeys. It was a beautiful walk and I would totally do it again if it meant that I was going to get that close to monkeys like that.

(Side story: I am a kindergarten teacher and each f us teachers have a theme to our room. This year, I was the monkeys… my kids we the most excited about me getting to see monkeys right up close and in Japan. That’s all they would talk about. So I HAD to take as many pictures as I could and I had to bring them something from the park. I got everyone a post card and a mint that had a monkey on it. They were really cheap so I didn’t feel too bad.)

This was the only day that we saw snow. It was pretty cold but not too bad. The monkeys were walking around mostly. If it had been any colder they would have been chilling in the hottub that was there for them. They really had quite the set up.

At first glance, you think that there are only a few or a handful of monkeys but take a set back and you will see that there are SO MUCH MORE. They were all over the mountians. They are all brown so they all blended in pretty nicely.

Our first sight was of some monkeys doing it and we did see several monkeys pooping but we were the ones in their house so can you really blame them?

After an hour or so of monkey watching, we went to have lunch on the park grounds, then we started our long journey back to our hotel for our last night.

It was nice to see snow on Christmas Eve but we weren’t too excited to be going home.

We had a short little stop to make the next morning before hopping back on a plane.

Stay tuned!


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